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Final Word Broadcasting Network
, including affiliates TicTocTV, TheFinalWord.TV, Home Bible Groups, The Dallas Morning Show, and
other initiatives to equip and disciple the Church. We are freely committed to providing God's Word to our viewers at no charge,
relying only upon God to supply our needs. If God has put it into your heart to financially support
The Church At Kansas City, please be
aware that we offer no "premiums", club memberships, perks, or "love gifts" in exchange for donations. Also be aware that, as a matter
of conviction,
The Church At Kansas City is not a 501(c)(3) organization, nor do we intend to convert it to one in the future. We do,
however, appreciate your obedience to our Lord, who is just.
9218 Metcalf Ave., #176
Overland Park, Kansas
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Gary and I appreciate your faithfulness in
joining with us on this mission to reach
the world with the life-changing Gospel
of Jesus Christ. Our mission is 7 billion
people big. Our God is mighty and

We praise God that together we have
already reached into 169 countries this

May God bless you in your obedience to
His Word, as together we prepare the
Church for the return of its soon coming
king, Jesus Christ!

Monica Dennington
Together we have reached 173
countries this year with the
life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ!
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